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Jim Smith joined the Belfer Center as director of communications in July 2010 after more than two decades in journalism. At the Boston Globe from 2002 to 2010, he was foreign editor, national political editor and international affairs reporter, writing and blogging about Boston's global connections. Full bio >

The Shifting Nature of Iran’s Regional Policy

By Kayhan Barzegar This article was first published on December 17, 2012 in Persian by Tabnak The Arab Spring has resulted in a shift in the nature of Iran’s regional policy from  a traditional “reconciliation and resistance” approach to a … Continue reading >

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Regional Implications of Egyptian President’s Iran Trip

By Kayhan Barzegar Director of the Institute for Middle East Strategic Studies, Tehran; Former Belfer Center Research Fellow in the Managing the Atom Project and International Security Program Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s trip to Iran for the Non-Alignment Movement (NAM) … Continue reading >

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Netanyahu: “generous concessions” from a hard heart

By Charles G. Cogan, Associate, Belfer Center International Security Program During his visit to the U.S. in late May, described by some commentators as a tactical success but a strategic failure, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, stated he was … Continue reading >

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Burns: Obama’s delicate balancing act in Egypt

Harvard Kennedy School Professor Nicholas Burns has followed up his Feb. 3 blog post on Egypt on Power & Policy with a contribution to an online forum on Foreign Burns says President Obama is skillfully walking a dangerous diplomatic tightrope as he works for democratic change while avoiding chaos in the region.

Burns, who was Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs from 2005 to 2008 before joining the Belfer Center at the Kennedy School, participated in a roundtable forum hosted by FP that called on some of the top thinkers on US policy-making in the Middle East, including Elliot Abrams, Thomas Pickering and Aaron David Miller.

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Egypt: Outcome may differ from aspirations of protesters

Graham Allison weighs potential alternative futures for Egypt in an assessment of the potential implications for the United States in the turmoil engulfing its largest Arab ally. In a contribution to a virtual panel of experts on The Mark, a … Continue reading >

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